-200 Xbox One S Minecraft Bundle Available Now

-200 Xbox One S Minecraft Bundle Available Now

Calling all blockbusters: for a short timethis Xbox One S Minecraft bundle is on sale for $200 at Ebay.

If you’re looking for a late father’s day gift that’s friendly for the kiddos or just becauseright now is the right time to grab it. This is one of the lowest prices we’ve seen on a new Xbox One S yetso snag it before it sells out. Online consumer electronic store Newegg is running the sale. Did we mention there’s free shipping too?

The $50 price cuts to the Xbox One consoles prior to the Xbox One X reveal just ended yesterday; this sale does not seem related.

The Xbox One S is the second iteration of the Xbox One console. It’s 40 percent smallerhas 4K media outputand HDR gaming and movies. It’s intended for the casual gamer who prefers a little more portability and finer details in their games than the original Xbox One could offer. Make sure to check out our review here.

The recently announced Xbox One X isn’t for the average joe however; it’s a beastly machine meant for the most hardcore of gamers. For more on that iteration of the Xbox Onehead on over here.

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